St. John's Episcopal Church
P.O. Box 356; 329 5th Avenue
Ouray, CO 81427
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Facility Use/ Fee Agreement

The Undersigned user, or representative of the user, shall be responsible for communicating the terms of this agreement to all persons using the facility and shall maintain reasonable control and discipline during its use.

1. No food, alcoholic beverages, or other drinks will be permitted in the building unless approved by the Priest in Charge and/ or the Vestry at the time this agreement is signed. Smoking is not permitted in the building.

2. The facilities shall be left in the same condition as when the use began. A $50 cleaning deposit will be required when booking an event. This deposit will be returned if additional cleaning is not required. Additional charges may be assessed for cleaning or restoration required to return the facilities to proper condition. Any damage and/or loss to St. John's property as a result of such use shall be paid by the user.

3. INSURANCE. Non-church sponsored events may require the user to provide proof of liability insurance. The user shall be legally and financially responsible for all claims by a person or persons filing claims for any personal injury, property damage or loss while on church grounds or in the church building while the church facilities are being occupied by the user.

4. The facility user shall hold St. John's Church, its Vestry, Rector, agents or employees harmless from any and all claims whatsoever arising from the use of the facilities.

5. Facility users may not use or venture into other areas of the church building except to use adjacent entry and restrooms.

6. At least one adult from the user group must be present at all times and will be responsible for the activities and actions of children and youth.

7. Functions pertinent to members or groups of St. John's Church have priority and will take precedence over regularly-scheduled user activities at all times; i.e. funerals or other unforeseen activities.

8. A representative of St. John's Church will be present to open the facilities or a key will be given to the designated leader of the event. This individual will be responsible for seeing that the facility is returned to its prior order, trash is removed, the facility is cleaned and that the building is secure when they leave. Except for regular users, the key is to be returned on the first business day following an event.

9. Payment of the below specified donations are as follows: When booking an event 1/2 of the donation is required. The balance is due two weeks prior to the event. If any unforeseen changes arise, the user must advise St. John's Church in writing or by telephone as soon as possible.

Donation Schedule
Worship Service
$300 per day/event
Parish Hall/Kitchen
Cleaning Deposit

The suggested donation schedule can be waived for use by non-profit organizations or when a parishioner of St. John's is directly involved in the leadership of an event.

Other uses of the Church:

For weddings, see the guidelines below.

For other programs, ministries or concerts wishing to schedule the use of the church worship space, special arrangements will need to be made with the Priest in Charge and the Vestry.


The Undersigned user principle or group representative agrees with and will conform to all of the terms and conditions contained in this agreement.

_______________________________________________ Date _________________________

Deposit provided __________________ Date ___________________

Accepted by:

_______________________________________________ Date ________________________

St. John's Church

Use of the Church for Weddings:

Due to the fact that Ouray is a favorite location for weddings, St. John's Episcopal Church welcomes those who come seeking a sacred spot to solemnize their vows. St. John's was built in the late 1800's by Welsh and Cornish miners who wanted a place to worship which would remind them of their home churches in England and Wales. Wedding services will be out of the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer. The Rector of St. John's is bound by the Canons of the Episcopal Church to require the couple to undergo premarital counseling. This may be done in the community where the couple resides providing the counselor or priest certifies in writing that the counseling has taken place. If one or both parties have been divorced the Rector of St. John's must see a copy of the divorce decree and the divorced party or parties will need to discuss the relevant details in order for the Rector to obtain the permission of The Episcopal Bishop of Colorado to officiate at the service. Pastors other than the Rector who are going to officiate at weddings held in St. John's Church must be approved by the Rector. If they are not known in this community or are an associate pastor, they must present a letter of recommendation from the Senior Pastor of the local church or of the church they represent.

It is customary to give the clergy person who officiates at a wedding an honoraria.

The Rector of St. John's or the Coordinator of Weddings at St. John's will have the final say on all details of the service and will be in charge of the rehearsal. When another pastor is officiating they will work directly with the couple and the pastor on the final details of the service.

When planning a wedding at St. John's, it is important to remember that St. John's can comfortably seat approximately 100 persons. In choosing attendants it is important to keep in mind that there is limited space around the altar. If additional musical instruments are to be used this makes the space even tighter.

St. John's has both a pump organ and a keyboard. Music used during the wedding itself must be sacred in nature. Suggestions will be provided upon request. St. John's has an organist if one is required. However the couple must communicate directly with the organist to set dates and fees. The organist can also recommend other local musicians who often play at weddings.

The Altar/Table, Lectern and Crucifix must remain in their places. The chairs may be arranged to fit the occasion, but must be returned to their original configuration by the user. NO trees, large plants nor construction will be permitted. All decorations must be approved for this occasion by the Priest in Charge/or the St. John's Coordinator of Weddings. Altar flowers in St. John's containers must be left on the altar. Live flower pedals may not be scattered on the carpet and glitter is not permitted on any of the decorations. A Unity or other candles may be used and provided by the user. Care must be taken to assure that wax does not fall on the carpet.

Flash photography is not allowed during the service. Photographers must not move around the church during the service. Video taping using a tripod is permitted providing the tripod is put in place prior to the service and remains in the same location for the entire service.

If the parish hall and upstairs are to be used by the wedding party they must be restored to order prior to the wedding party leaving the facility. An individual other than a member of the wedding party should be designated to see that arrangements are made to remove all flower boxes, and personal belongings and to see that nothing is left behind.

It is important to remember that a church wedding is a sacred and solemn service during which the couple makes promises to one another in the presence of not only the guests, but in the presence first and foremost of the Triune God. These promises are intended to signify a life long commitment to one another. The couple marries each other with the priest adding God's blessing to the union. The members of the congregation are also active participants in that they agree to do all in their power to uphold and support the couple as they seek to live out their commitment to one another. May God bless you in your decisions and guide you in planning for your marriage.